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Prospera Biotech begins the study of its cream for sensitive skin caused by chemotherapy


One of the projects in which we have worked the most along this convulsive year is the development of a cosmetic cream for sensitive skin generated as a result of chemotherapy treatment.

As we mentioned in our blog a few weeks ago, one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy treatments, especially in treatments with taxane derivatives, platinum salts and vinca alkaloids, is the development of neuropathy in hands and feet. The prevalence of this disease varies depending on the chemotherapeutic agent administered affecting up to 80% of patients treated with taxanes (paclitaxel and/or docetaxel) or up to 95% of patients treated with oxyplatin. This neuropathy occurs when anticancer medications interact with the nerve fibers of our skin generating annoying sensations such as itching, pain, numbness, tingling or hypersensitivity to cold or heat in hands and feet. The discomfort generated becomes so annoying that a high percentage of patients abandon anti-tumor treatment, assuming the consequences that this can cause. Although in most people symptoms disappear shortly after treatment ends, in 30% of patients hand and foot discomfort becomes permanent and continues for years.

Currently, there is no specific and effective treatment for this neuropathy. Therefore, to reduce patients’ discomfort, oncologists recommend the use of moisturizers for those patients with modest discomfort, and powerful antidepressants for the most serious cases.

The research group led by Dr. Antonio Ferrer Montiel, Head of the Institute of Research, Development and Innovation in Health Biotechnology of Elche (IDiBE) at Miguel Hernández University, has been investigating the causes of this neuropathy for years. As a result of these studies, an ingredient for the care of sensitive skin, such as those caused by chemotherapy, has been identified.

At PROSPERA BIOTECH we have formulated the ingredient studied in IDiBE in a cosmetic cream aimed to restore the sensory balance of the most sensitive skins. The R&D team of PROSPERA BIOTECH has developed, for chemotherapy neuropathy, a highly moisturizing and very soft texture cream that, in addition to deeply and lastingly moisturizing the skin, relieves sensory discomfort and restores the dermal barrier of skin subjected to chemotherapeutic agents.

Now, in order to evaluate the degree of satisfaction with the skin that the cream generates in cancer patients who have developed neuropathy in hands and feet, we have launched a study in volunteers with the University General Hospital of Elche, whose coordinator is Dr. Elena Asensio Martínez, and the Hospital Marina Baixa of Villajoyosa, whose coordinator is Dr. Alejandro de la Paz Pérez. The study will begin on October 15th. Therefore, we invite all cancer patients suffering from skin discomfort in hands and feet caused by the chemotherapy treatment and wish to participate in the trial to contact the oncology services of the aforementioned hospitals or Dr. Marta García Escolano, team director of PROSPERA BIOTECH (info@prosperabiotech.com; Tel. 965 648 589). They will evaluate your eligibility to be part of the study, report the conditions of the study, and attend to all your questions and suggestions. The study plans the participation of up to 120 volunteers.

The exceptional situation experienced during this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to delay the start of the study more than once. Making the lives of cancer patients easier and increasing their quality of life has always been one of our main goals. Therefore, far from being overcome by the current situation, we have continued working to develop all the tools that have enabled the study to be carried out telematically avoiding the visits to the hospital for the study follow up.

On behalf of the entire team that collaborates in this project we wish the studio had a great participation and very satisfactory results.


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