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Ecrisens® is a neurodermatological cream that protects the skin in areas with excessive sweating.

Its patented formula is effective in areas of high perspiration. In addition, its light, gel-like texture allows an easily spread and fast absorbance by the skin.

Ecrisens® does not stain clothes or has a fragrance.

30 ml | Tested under dermatologic control | Hypoallergenic

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Some areas of the body such as the armpits, hands, feet, or face, among others, may show excessive sweating. This can be uncomfortable for social activities, work or daily tasks, and can worsen the appearance of the skin.

The research carried out by the IDIBE-UMH has prompted the detection of skin targets responsible for imbalances in perspiration. Prospera Biotech, based on these studies, has developed an innovative formula that combines the action of two neuromodulatory ingredients. As a result, Ecrisens® helps control excessive sweating by reinforcing the skin natural barrier and providing a lasting sensation of softness. Its gel-like texture is easily absorbed, even in damp or sweaty areas, leaving the skin silky smooth.

Neurodermatological products, as Ecrisens, have a progressive mechanism of action. Therefore, it is to be expected to start noticing results after several weeks of continued use. It is recommended to use twice a day for long periods to see the effects. Ecrisens® can be used before or after other hygiene products, cosmetics, or topical treatments.

An efficiency study* conducted by an independent company control in volunteers with excessive sweating showed that Ecrisens®:

  • Left a sensation of comfort and freshness in 100% of the participants..
  • Improved hydration of excessive sweating areas in 100% of participants.

In addition, 86% of participants reported feeling a reduction in sweating.

*Study carried out under dermatological control. The participants used Ecrisens® twice a day for 28 days.


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– Combinación de ingredientes neuromoduladores que actúan sinérgicamente en las dianas cutáneas para ayudar a controlar la sudoración excesiva y proteger las zonas afectadas.
– Combinación de dimethicones para aportar suavidad a la fórmula y lograr la textura tipo gel de absorción rápida.


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