Nocisens® OIL


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  • Neurodermatological oil designed to nourish, regenerate, and moisturize sensitive or atopic-prone skin.
  • Designed for the body care of the whole family.
  • We recommend applying it once or twice daily.
  • Suitable from 3 months of age.

200 mL | Dermatologically tested | Hypoallergenic

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If you need a specific product for the daily care of sensitive and atopic-prone skin.

Nocisens® OIL is quickly absorbed and can help mitigate the uncomfortable sensations of sensitive and atopic-prone skin and keep it hydrated and balanced.

The combination of avocado and oat oils, together with neurodermatological ingredients, protects sensitive skin by acting on three different levels:

  • It nourishes and regenerates, thanks to the action of avocado oil, which, with an extraordinary penetration capacity, nourishes the different layers of the skin, improving regenerative properties.
  • It reinforces the barrier function of the epidermis and moisturizes it by restoring its natural balance. Oat oil stimulates the synthesis of ceramides and promotes the regeneration of skin cells, thus helping to increase natural hydration and reinforcing barrier function.
  • It helps to reduce uncomfortable sensations typical of sensitive or atopic-prone skin through neurodermatological ingredients that help to reestablish the sensory balance.


CN 213718.9

Nocisens® INTENSE has twice the active ingredient concentration of Nocisens® OIL, so its action is more powerful.

We recommend using Nocisens® INTENSE for the most sensitive areas or areas with outbreaks and Nocisens® OIL for daily skin maintenance.

Nocisens® OIL is suitable for the whole family, including children from 3 months of age. Its safety and efficacy have been tested under pediatric and dermatological control.


We recommend using Nocisens® OIL once or twice daily.

Its progressive effect allows for the recovery and maintenance of balance and good skin appearance after a few days of use.

You can use Nocisens® OIL simultaneously with other topical products or drugs, such as corticosteroids or antibiotics.

We recommend applying Nocisens® OIL and waiting until it has been absorbed before applying another product.

We recommend using it on dry skin since its absorption and effectiveness may be lower on wet skin.

Studies carried out by independent companies have shown that Nocisens® products are well tolerated by all skin types, including sensitive skin in children:1,2

  • 100% of users stated that their skin felt softer and calmer after using Nocisens®.
  • 95% of users think that Nocisens® moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • 85% of users found their skin more supple and elastic after using Nocisens®.
  • 85% of users felt comfort after using Nocisens®.



  1. Studies carried out by independent companies to measure the efficacy and tolerance of Nocisens® objectively in volunteers. They measured skin capacitance with the Corneometer® and transepidermal water loss with the Tewameter®. Both measurements were carried out on day 0 (before using the product) and after 28 days of use under professional control.
  2. An independent company conducted the tests on a panel of 22 male and female subjects between 19 and 65.

All our creams include innovative neurodermatological ingredients. These active ingredients act on the skin’s neurosensory system, which causes uncomfortable sensations such as itching, stinging, or pain.

These actives are combined in Nocisens® with other highly moisturizing ingredients that help to mitigate dryness and restore the cutaneous balance. Nocisens® line acts on the skin moisturizing, balancing, and relieving sensory discomfort.


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