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We would like to introduce Nocisens® Intense, our new cream from the Nocisens range for the most sensitive areas of the skin that need an extra care.

People with sensitive skin know that it is a condition they will have to live with for many years, if not a lifetime. However, this doesn’t mean they have to deal with the uncomfortable symptoms of skin sensitivity all along their lives. Normally, in sensitive skin the periods of greater dryness and discomfort alternate with moments of calm depending, among other things, on the season, contamination or the use of certain fabrics or cosmetic products. Similarly, some areas of the body are more likely to develop outbreaks, eczema, and irritation. Although it is not yet entirely clear why, the eyelids, neck or back of joints such as the elbow or knee, have greater dryness than other areas of the body and in people with sensitive skin, eczema or irritation often appears with itching, stinging and discomfort. These areas need an extra care in order to repair the balance of the skin in a short time by recovering its strength and helping to relieve annoying sensations. Nocisens® Intense was created for this purpose.

How does Nocisens® Intense work?

The neurocosmetic ingredients of Nocisens® Intense act on epidermal targets that cause uncomfortable sensations of sensitive or atopic-prone skin. Thanks to the high concentration of these neurocosmetic ingredients, Nocisens® Intense regains the balance of areas prone to irritation and frequent outbreaks. At times of greatest discomfort Nocisens® Intense works effectively by relieving dryness and helping to soothe the sensations of itching, stinging or tightness.

Once the skin balance has been restored in these areas, we recommend to use Nocisens® daily to keep them hydrated and prevent the recurrence of outbreaks.

All products in the Nocisens® line, Nocisens® Intense is a concentrated, hypoallergenic cream, with a soft texture and suitable for all types of sensitive or atopic prone skin.

You can now buy Nocisens® and Nocisens® Intense through our online store.


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