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  • Neurodermatological cream that helps control excessive sweating.
  • Maintains the sweating degree necessary to protect the skin adequately against excessive heat.
  • Spreads and absorbs easily thanks to its light gel-like texture.
  • Does not stain clothes and has no fragrance.
  • We recommend applying it at least twice daily.

30 mL | Dermatologically tested | Hypoallergenic

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If you suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis in the armpits, hands, feet, face, or other parts of the body, which makes you feel uncomfortable in your social activities, work, or daily tasks and worsens the appearance of your skin in these areas.

Ecrisens® is the alternative to antiperspirants: it regulates the activity of the eccrine gland and progressively restores the right balance between sweating and thermal protection of the skin.

Ecrisens® is a neurodermatological gel containing:

  • A combination of neuromodulatory ingredients that acts synergistically on cutaneous targets to help control excessive sweating and protect affected areas.
  • A combination of dimethicones that confers softness to the formula and achieves the fast-absorbing gel texture.


CN 209055.2


We recommend using Ecrisens® at least twice daily for prolonged periods. You can apply it before or after other hygiene products, cosmetics, or topical treatments.

A 30 mL tube of Ecrisens® lasts approximately 2 months if applied twice daily on the underarms. The duration is longer in smaller areas and shorter in larger areas.

Ecrisens® acts progressively. Results are observed after continuous use for at least 2 weeks.

No, Ecrisens®’s mechanism of action does not block the pore or prevent the skin from sweating. Sweating is an essential mechanism for regulating body temperature. However, some people have excessive sweating levels that do not respond to this biological need.

Ecrisens® helps to balance the skin’s natural activity by maintaining thermoregulatory function and helping to control excessive sweating.

No, Ecrisens® only acts on regulating sweating, not on odor. It can be combined with deodorants and other topical products that reduce odor.

However, some people have experienced a reduced odor due to decreased sweating.

Ecrisens® efficacy was proven in a study conducted by an independent company, under dermatological control, on volunteers with excessive sweating:*

  • 100 % of participants concluded that it provided comfort and freshness.
  • 100 % of participants agreed on improved hydration in areas of excessive sweating.
  • 86% of participants reported a reduction in sweating and an improvement in odor in affected areas.


* Study conducted under dermatological control. Participants used Ecrisens® twice daily for 28 days.


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