We are the result of over
20 years of research

Initial research
in neurodermatology
Prospera Biotech foundation
Nocisens for sensitive and
atopic-prone skin
Granting of the CDTI research project
Award of the competitive growth
loan from ENISA
Oncapsisens for sensitive skin in
patients undergoing chemotherapy
Antonio Ferrer is awarded the 'Investigator of Gold' distinction by the Red Cross of Elche for his research on Oncapsisens
Oncapsisens finalist in the 17th edition of the Cosmetics and Pharmacy Awards by Correo Farmacéutico
Ecrisens to reduce
excessive perspiration
Ecrisens finalist in the AITEX Business Awards for innovative and sustainable cosmetics
Prospera Biotech receives Honorable Mention at the IV rePCV Awards among innovative start-ups
Granting of the AVI Collaboration Project
Vulvisens for the care
of the women intimate area
Nocisens Oil for taking care of sensitive and atopic-prone skin of the whole family

The neurosensory system is often
overlooked in skin care

This system allows us to adapt to our environment and plays a role in touch and temperature perception functions. After more than 20 years of research, we have developed a technology that places this system at the center of skincare.

In adverse situations or exposure to aggressive agents, the neurosensory system generates itching, pain, irritation, and inflammation responses. Acting directly on it helps alleviate these discomforts typical of sensitive skin. To achieve this, we have designed specific molecules that help soothe skin discomfort and provide comfort.

We keep researching to provide
new neurodermatological solutions

Study II Oncapsisens: skin protection during chemotherapy treatment.

Research on the neuronal imbalance in the skin with redness.

Neurosensory response to oncological radiotherapy treatment.

Neurosensory system involvement in the discomfort generated in the skin of people with diabetes.

Alterations in the peripheral nervous system in the skin of people with kidney or liver disease.


We provide innovative solutions to relieve the uncomfortable sensations of different types of sensitive skin.


We place the epidermal neurosensory system at the center to relieve the sensitivity caused by diseases and/or therapeutic treatments.

Experts in dermatology and cellular
biology at your skin's service

Board of Directors

Dr. Antonio Ferrer Montiel


Dr. Marta García Escolano

General Director

Dr. Asia Fernández

Scientific Committee Director and Board Member

Dr. Antonio Parente

Board Member

Scientific Committee

Dr. Asia Fernández

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Scientific Committee Director

Dr. Manuel Asín

Dermatology Specialist

Dr. Onofre Sanmartín

Dermato-oncology Specialist

Prof. Alfredo Catarro

Clinical Oncology Specialist and Emeritus Professor of Medical Oncology

Prof. María de Val Bermejo

Professor of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology

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