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Prospera Biotech emerged at the end of 2019 with the aim of developing neurocosmetic products customized for each type of sensitive skin. For more than 20 years we have been dedicated to the study of skin at the laboratories of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche.

Specifically, we have focused on the study of the neurosensorial system, an important component of the skin, responsible for functions as relevant as touch, perception of ambient temperature and detection of irritants, allergenic or harmful substances.

In adverse situations or exposure to aggressive agents, the neurosensorial system generates responses such as itching or pain and may interact with other skin components, such as like the immune system, to cause irritation and inflammation. Therefore, proper care of epidermal nerve endings helps to soothe the discomfort typical of sensitive skin.

However, despite its important role, the neurosensorial system is the great forgotten of cosmetics.

In recent years, advances in sensory neurobiology have permitted to design molecules that act on neurosensorial targets causing uncomfortable sensations. These compounds, derived from extensive and deep scientific-technical knowledge, form the basis of neurocosmetics, a cosmetic approach aimed at providing solutions to skin problems from a solid scientific basis, in order to help relieve skin discomfort and increase skin comfort.

Driven by the conviction that all this knowledge must be available to anyone with sensitive skin, we created Prospera Biotech, where we focus on the design of neurocosmetics, as an innovative solution for personalized care of sensitive skin. Our main objective is to develop and market a portfolio of neurocosmetics to take care of a wide spectrum of sensitive skins and thus manage to increase the quality of life of people affected by this condition.


The epidermal sensory system as a pivotal target to improve the quality of sensory sensitive skins provoked by medical treatments and skin diseases.


PROSPERA BIOTECH provides innovative cosmetics solutions to calm sensory sensations such as stinging, tingling, dryness, itch and thermal sensitivity of sensitive skins.


Dr. Antonio Parente
Dra. Asia Fernandez
Dr. Manuel Asin
Dra. Elena Asensio
Dr. Alejandro Paz
Dra. Marival Bermejo
Dra. Natalia Siegert


Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a responsible company and strongly committed to:

Gender and social equality
The environment
Climate change
The promotion of a circular economy
The fight against poverty
Support for education
Support for patients and patients’ associations
Support for activities involved in the social spreading of science